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some1 who loves science, snow boards, and web shit. reluctantly engaging in political discourse because the world is on fire and someone needs to care

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Has anyone in the media even question McConnell on why corporate liability is his red line in the sand? Like seriously I want to hear him explain on cable why shielding corporations is more important that checks to citizens

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#Republicans are trash full stop. @senatemajldr is single handedly standing in the way of relief aid to help millions of Americans. Listen to @samstein list all the programs that are set to expire and justify this if you're a Republican.

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Quoted @jacobinmag

Finland’s social-democratic prime minister, Sanna Marin, has called for a six-hour workday without loss of pay, allowing Finns more free time and a fairer distribution of employment.

Imagine if you will... a country and a government that actually cares about taking care of its citizens

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Of all the curve balls 2020 could throw right b4 the election this was proably the worse.... we all know mitch has no morals so he'll try to push a SC pick even though he stonewalled Obama on the same issue

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Rhode Island you give me hope #RhodeIslandProgressives

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Many things have contributed to me being the left winger I am today but the two major things are @StarTrek and @BernieSanders, so its fitting that #StarTrekDay and #BernieSandersBirthday are both on the same day. So #HappyBirthdayBernie and #HappyStarTrekDay

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Hey @4aPeoplesParty couple questions:
1. do you guys plan on reaching out to progressives who have lost races this cycle bc theres alot of them? It's been pretty well proven that a repeat challenge usually results in a win.

2: will you be working with other progressives

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Platforms like @justicedems, @BrandNew535, @RoseCaucus , @DemSocialists, and @ProgressiveList ?

3: will you focus on just the federal lvl or all lvls? We had some great wins from DSA and other at the state lvl in NY & Az but others were left out to dry in other states

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Quoted @SocialistMMA

#NoComradesUnder1k is the best of wholesome Twitter

Retweet so I can follow back my lovely comrades ✊🏿

I'm just a comrade looking for other comrades so we can be a force that gets our candidates elected #NoComradesUnder1k #NotMeUs

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You know what at this point I'm so tired of aing with liberals who say progressives are divisive bc we call put that the DNC, leadership, and biden wont adopt policies that are overwhelmingly favored by the rank and file voters. At this point I just want Biden to win bc

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I know he wont do shit and ppl will continue to suffer. Then in 2024 some monster like Tom cotton will run and win after the DNC screws over another progressive challenger. This country deserves that hellscape

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Quoted @leigh_fall

Agree with this a million times

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This is why I will always support progressive who swear off corporate money. Conflicts of interest like this are a breeding ground for corruption. Corrupt politicians are not just in the Republican party but are on both sides of the aisle.

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I just read a tweet thread were some random guy was going insult for insult against Biden insult but. This is entertainment now.

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Just dropped off my ballot and voted for @BernieSanders and @mh4oh #2020primaries

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Centrism makes you stupid. This was some guys response after I said Biden picking a VP just as uninspiring and unenthusiastic as him would be an issue. He then processed to block me after that. What a cry baby

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Quoted @DeNarde4MDDel

The United States is not a democracy. Period.

The United States is a oligarchy, combined with:
Kakistocracy (run by the worst, least qualified)
Plutocracy (run by the rich)
Corporatocracy (controlled by corporations)
Kleptocracy (run by corrupt leaders & thieves).

This guy gets it

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I'm still voting for Bernie in the primary, pass it it on #NotMeUs #stillvotingforbernie

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These biden supporters are fucking disgusting... more then anything I hope Bernie wins that they can eat crow. You would never see Bernie supporters say any shit like about Joe's staff

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