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Analysis: What beat #COVID19? Masks? Not only. Maybe culture #CGTNOpinion

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The mass testing rolled out in the Binhai New Area in #China's Tianjin City finished on Monday night and a total of 2,467,411 samples tested negative, local authorities told a press briefing on Tuesday afternoon.

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Giant "Jaws" shark installed by crane at museum in Los Angeles #BrucetheShark

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Mount Emei embraces winter with snow in SW #China


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#China, #Japan to resume necessary people-to-people exchanges amid pandemic

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#LATEST A second interim analysis of clinical data has shown #Russia's Sputnik V coronavirus #vaccine to be 95 percent effective 42 days after the first dose, its developers said on Tuesday.

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#China's Chang'e-5 moon mission explained in graphics


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#UPDATE A multiple-vehicle collision killed at least four people and injured six others in northwest #China's Tongchuan City; more than 10 vehicles caught fire, CCTV reported on Tuesday.

The blaze was extinguished at 10:20 a.m. Tuesday; rescue work is underway.

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Replying to @thouse_opinions: The U.S. has moved away from a fact-based type of public policy discourse, with a significant swath of the nation's le…

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Dead bodies from spring #coronavirus surge still in NYC freezers

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Themed "Energize where you are," China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. held an open day event at the Se-San River II Hydropower Station in #Cambodia on Monday

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Spain's King Felipe VI in quarantine after close contact with coronavirus case

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What makes the #China's Chang'e-5 mission special?

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Bars, nightclubs to be closed in Hong Kong amid new wave of #coronavirus

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Chinese President #XiJinping addresses conference commending China's model workers

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Cloned Jinhua pigs born in east China

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Chang'e 5 Lunar Mission: What does it take to be a rocket launch director?

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The Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian stressed that the #Chinese government is firm in its resolve to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, urging the UK to stop interfering in #HongKong affairs immediately.

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The China-Russia border city of Manzhouli in north #China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region completed #COVID19 testing for all residents on Tuesday afternoon, according to local authorities.

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Anti-lockdown protesters burn masks in New York City

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The U.S. has moved away from a fact-based type of public policy discourse, with a significant swath of the nation's leadership and people rejecting science on #climatechange, #COVID19 among others. This is the gravest threat the U.S. faces, says @david_firestein @GHWBushChina.

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