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We bet you didn't see that @actionjaxon reveal coming. And if you didn't see the @Twitch livestream at all, don't make the same mistake twice – tap the link below to watch the action.

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If you didn't guess our @Twitch mystery gamer the first two times, then maybe third time's the charm. Tune in tonight @ 8p ET to watch @actionjaxon take on our next surprise guest. Tap the link for the livestream.

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Tonight is the night. Experience the evolution of Escalade LIVE. Tune into Instagram to see the original and the Next-Generation #2021Escalade in the Cadillac Live Studio 7 PM EST — when we go LIVE with special guests. #NeverStopArriving

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Defiantly bold. Unmistakably Cadillac: our iconic grille continues its evolution in the 2021 Escalade. #NeverStopArriving #TBT

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What upgrades are you most looking forward to?

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What’s your style? #2021Escalade #NeverStopArriving

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Witness the evolution LIVE from the Cadillac Live studio 11/19 at 7pm EST on Instagram. See a special guest give a walkaround of the original and the next-gen #2021Escalade. #NeverStopArriving

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That mystery gamer reveal last night on @Twitch was a shocker. If you missed it, no need to worry because we've got the whole thing for you below. Tap the link and tune in.

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Our first livestream on @Twitch was so much fun that we had to do it again. Tune in tonight @ 8p EST for version 2.0 with @WavyOnTwitch and another huge mystery gamer reveal. Tap the link to join.

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When you never give up, you #NeverStopArriving. See why @BeckyHammon has become a trailblazer for women athletes.

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Kicking off our FIRST-EVER livestream on @Twitch with a bang ‒ Watch @GoldGloveTV team up with a legendary Mystery Gamer on 11/7 @ 8p EST. Are you ready? Tap the link below to follow along.

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Quoted @ConsumerReports

Tesla's 'Autopilot' may be the most recognizable active driving assistance suite, but is it the best?

Our 2020 ratings found that Cadillac's 'Super Cruise' outperformed everyone and that other automakers are closing in on Tesla for #2.

Full ratings:

See what @ConsumerReports says about our hands-free available Super Cruise driver-assistance feature.

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Press “X” to launch the official Cadillac @Twitch channel. Tune in for our first stream 11/7, and tap the link below to check out our channel.

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Does Fred Armisen have what it takes to be a Cadillac Live Agent? Tune in to Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight at 12:35 EST /11:35 CST to find out. Be sure to keep an eye out for more on Cadillac Live next week. @LateNightSeth.

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Don’t refresh your feed — we’ve got your sneak peek of the available V-Series Blackwing™ magnesium wheels. Inspired by Cadillac’s rich racing heritage, these high-performance wheels are designed to deliver pure driving thrills.

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We asked for epic Escalade shots and the #CadillacGamingClub really delivered. Check out our favorite photos from the club this month! #NeverStopArriving #ForzaHorizon4

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Replying to @60SecDocs: Celebrating Atlanta legend @KillerMike’s #NeverStopArriving journey 🙌 mural by @fabianism @Cadillac #sponsored…

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Celebrating Atlanta legend @KillerMike’s #NeverStopArriving journey 🙌 mural by @fabianism @Cadillac #sponsored

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Replying to @OnStar: Service Alert >> We’re now offering OnStar Crisis Assist and complimentary in-vehicle data to all current, eligible @Chevrolet,…

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Service Alert >> We’re now offering OnStar Crisis Assist and complimentary in-vehicle data to all current, eligible @Chevrolet, @Buick, @GMC and @Cadillac owners in the path of the #ColoradoWildfires. Push your blue #OnStar button for details and assistance. #BeSafeOutThere

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What matters most is what comes next. Watch the #2021Escalade and @ReginaKing arrive here #NeverStopArriving

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