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Probably Unnecessary: This Amber Alert Mentions That The Missing Kid’s Nickname At School Is ‘Big Lord Beefcake’

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Fred Durst said WHAT?!?

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I Spent My Whole Life Defending Cruella De Vil. Then I Saw ‘101 Dalmatians.’

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Heartbreaking: This Elderly Woman’s Family Thinks She’s Lying About The Fact That ALF Is A Janitor At Her Nursing Home And Sometimes Bullies Her

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Look on the bright side!

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Gotta Pay The Bills: PBS Just Got Really Desperate During A Pledge Drive And Offered Up One Night Of Passion With Thomas The Tank Engine

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Hell Yes: These Orphans Are Reclaiming Mush By Opening A Fancy Mush Restaurant On The Same Street Where The Headmaster Once Served Them Mush Every Day

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5 Fallback Animals That Could Symbolize Wisdom If The Worst Should Ever Happen To Owls

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The Fuck Else Could He Have Going On Today? Dad Is Currently Pushing You Off The Phone Even Though You’re The Young And Interesting One

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Drake said WHAT?!?

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Farewell, Donald JOHN Trump! What a thrilling 39 years it has been.

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Fighting Impeachment: Trump Has Had Barron Bury Him Up To The Neck In The White House Lawn So That He Cannot Be Removed From Office

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Preparing For The Worst: President Trump Has Asked For Ronald McDonald To Sing ‘Sexual Healing’ At His Funeral If He Dies Of Covid-19

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National Security Crisis: The White House Is In Panic Mode After President Trump Tweeted ‘Karate Dave Is Coming To Kill Me’

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Major Security Crisis: The Rooster That’s Loose In The White House Is No Longer Afraid Of The Jack-O’-Lantern President Trump Put Outside The Oval Office To Scare It Away

 87  1  9

Patriots Rejoice! Donald Trump Has Appointed Professor Rat As The U.S. Secretary Of Fireworks

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Becoming Presidential: Officials Say That Trump’s Japanese Geisha Character Was More Respectful Than Usual When He Showed It To The Japanese Prime Minister

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Cracking Façade: Reince Priebus Just Chased An On-Fire Donald Trump Down The Hallway In Full View Of A White House Tour Group

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Our Brave Savior: Donald Trump Is Working TIRELESSLY To Return The Precious White Orbs Obama STOLE From The FURIOUS Dwarf King That Lives Under America

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