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This map illustrates all of the ways for people to earn "grid discs" which can be redeemed for real prizes (found at )

If you want to learn more join

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Giveaways are random and who knows if you'll win. I wanted to create a free way for people to earn prizes while encouraging networking.

For the last year my team and I have been working on building a digital playground to do just that.

Welcome to the Grid.

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Quoted @DNPthree

I'll give $5,000 to FIVE people ($1,000 each) who retweet this tweet within the next 96 hours.

To enter, use the link below to:
- Retweet/Comment #Free5kBTC
- Follow @FossyGFX & @DNPthree

Winners paid in #BTC or cashapp. Good luck! πŸ€

Good morning! Excited to announce that I'm going to give all 5 winners the option to take $1,000 cash or a #PS5. 😊

Have a nice day!

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Congratulations @Animegod42 you won $500

Be sure to enter my pinned tweet for $5,000.

Going to give each winner a choice between $1,000 or a PS5

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Choosing a winner $600 in 5 minutes at (You do not need to be present to win, but it is always nice to see you!) 😬

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Quoted @DNPthree

I'll give $500 to a random person who retweets this within the next 12 hours and an EXTRA $100 ($600 total) if you also have my pinned $5,000 giveaway retweeted.

To enter, just retweet this tweet and follow me. πŸ₯°

Winner selected and announced tonight.

Have a nice day!


Giving $2,100+ in prizes away on stream and choosing a winner for the $600 giveaway I started this morning () HAPPY FRIDAY 😍

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Going live at 8:30PM EST

$2,100 in giveaways and viewer games/giveaways 😻

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Choosing a $600 winner in 2 hrs

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Choosing a $600 winner in 4 hours and I'm also choosing a PS5 winner and another $1,000 winner tonight.

Visit if you would like to join the others.

See you tonight! (8:00PM EST)

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Quoted @Ciarraa__

@Gridcraft Why is Gridcraft special to me? The COMMUNITY! πŸ€βš”οΈ

I started a Minecraft server (@Gridcraft ) to create a fun, welcoming environment for people to hangout, make new friends and play some games together with the added bonus of earning real life rewards while you play.

It has turned into so much more πŸ’™ πŸ₯Ί

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Good morning πŸ’ͺ🏻

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How should we break it up

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$5,000 #BTC giveaway today. Turn on notifications or get a judo chop πŸ₯‹

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Actual footage of my precious cats last night. 😼😩

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Congratulations to tonight's winner @INCREDIBLE_BLK

This is PC #2 of #24 that we'll be giving away this year with
@PlayStreamBeats - Thank you for the awesome DMCA worry free music and all of the PCs this year.

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I'll give $1,500 cash or a BEAST $2,000 PC to a random person who retweets this within the next 5 HOURS

To enter, use the following link to:
- Retweet/Comment #WinFreePC
- Follow @PlayStreamBeats & @DNPthree

Winner will be selected tonight. Good luck!

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