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Generating momentum to help countries unleash the benefits of #foodsystems for all. Expanding knowledge and encouraging dialogue; retweets β‰  endorsements.

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On Tuesday, remember to tune into the @FoodSystems Summit Action Track 4 Public Forum hosted by @CARE @WorldFishCenter @UNGIYC & @IFAD!

πŸ•— 8am EST / 2pm CET
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@GAINalliance @WWF @EATforum @ICCCAD @MichelleNunn

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Tune into the #SFSPConference side-event from @WWF @hivos @ruaf @BiovIntCIAT_eng @rikolto & @UNEP to learn about best practices for #FoodSystems Multistakeholder Governance Mechanisms.

πŸ“… 2 Dec
πŸ•‘ 2pm CET

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Not long to go! Make sure to catch the @FoodSystems Summit Action Track 4 Public Forum, hosted by @CARE @WorldFishCenter @UNGIYC & @IFAD!

πŸ“… Dec 1
πŸ•‘ 8am EST / 2pm CET
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@GAINalliance @WWF @EATforum @ICCCAD @MichelleNunn

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πŸ—“οΈ Keep up to date with all that's happening in the #FoodSystems world & discover upcoming events to mark in your diary with the @FoodSystems Events page! πŸ‘‡

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Be sure to tune into @EATforum’s second newscast next week to:

🌱 Discover how food can restore nature
🐼 Hear from @WWFLeadFood
πŸ₯œ Learn about @CIACulinary’s hunt for plant-rich protein!

...and more!

πŸ“… 1 Dec
πŸ•• 6pm CET
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Are food system sustainability indexes comparing 🍏 & 🍊?

Christopher BΓ©nΓ© of @BiovIntCIAT_eng shares his views on the challenge of measuring progress towards the #SDGs & how this relates to our #FoodSystemsπŸ‘‡

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#SavetheDate | Tune into @BarillaCFN & @foodtank’s β€˜Resetting the Food System from Farm to Fork’ event on Tuesday & join distinguished speakers exploring how we all play a role in re-aligning the global #FoodSystem!

πŸ“… 1 Dec
πŸ•‘ 2pm CET

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According to @LouiseOFresco of @WUR, providing a growing population with nutritious & sustainable food requires:

🀝 Coordinated action
πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Scientific information
πŸ—£οΈ A trusted platform

Read her full article in @wef πŸ‘‡

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β€œIf women had access to the same resources as men, they could help reduce the number of hungry people in the world by 12-17%.”

πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ Read @Agnes_Kalibata’s article in @cnbcafrica on the vital role of women in transforming #FoodSystems to #BuildBackBetter πŸ‘‡

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Replying to @CGIARclimate: Today CCAFS pledges to #RaceToZero

Pledge your support by sharing this post, adding your #1 priority for #COP26 which s…

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🌱🌊 Can seaweed help feed the planet and achieve #ZeroHunger?

If just 2% the ocean were to be sustainably farmed, the world could easily be fed while helping combat #ClimateChange, according to @globalcompact experts.

Read more @UN_News_Centre πŸ‘‡

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Don’t miss the @FoodSystems Summit Action Track 4 Public Forum next Tuesday 1 December, hosted by @CARE @WorldFishCenter @UNGIYC & @IFAD!

πŸ•— 8am EST / 2pm CET

Register here to get involved! πŸ‘‰

@GAINalliance @WWF @EATforum @ICCCAD @MichelleNunn

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πŸ”™ #ThrowBackThursday | β€œFor the first time, we have an opportunity to transform all aspects of our food systems at once.”

Rediscover @Agnes_Kalibata’s article on how to reboot global #FoodSystems for @theGEF @Telegraph πŸ‘‡

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Today UN Special Envoy @Agnes_Kalibata opened the first 🌍 #SummitDialogue - an exciting opportunity to share the floor w/ everyone who cares about making #foodsystems more equitable & sustainable!

Press release πŸ‘‡ #UNFSS2021

#SDGs #BuildBackBetter

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🚨 Registrations now open for the @FoodSystems Summit Action Track 4 Public Forum, hosted by @CARE @WorldFishCenter @UNGIYC & @IFAD!

πŸ“… 1 Dec
πŸ•‘ 8am EST / 2pm CET
✍️ Register here:

@GAINalliance @WWF @EATforum @ICCCAD

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πŸŒ€ Global #FoodSystems are responsible for up to one-third of human-caused #GHG emissions.

According to a new bulletin from @WMO, #CO2 levels hit a record last year & are expected to keep rising – learn more via @UN_News_Centre:

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🌎We cannot restore our planet without transforming our #FoodSystems.

@WWF highlights 10 ways to eat more sustainably, including eating:

🌱 More plants
πŸ… What’s in season
πŸ₯— A varied diet
🏠 Homegrown food
🐟 Sustainable fish

See all tips hereπŸ‘‡

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β€œRegardless of where you are, #Covid19 with the enforced restrictions has had very profound disruptions on the #FoodSystem.”

@ctlgh_info's Professor @ADjikeng explores the pandemic's impact on food supplies around the 🌍 via @TheScotsman πŸ‘‡

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Watch Special Envoy @Agnes_Kalibata today as she joins other leaders at the 3rd Global @SFoodSystems Conference to discuss how to achieve #SustainableFoodSystems via inclusive collaboration!

πŸ“… Nov 25-Dec 3
πŸ• 1pm CET
πŸ’¬ #SFSPConference
✍️ Register here:

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Today CCAFS pledges to #RaceToZero

Pledge your support by sharing this post, adding your #1 priority for #COP26 which supports regenerative & resilient #foodsystems

With huge thanks to everyone who participated in our #NewEra4Food dialogue today

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Everyone around the 🌍 should have access to food that is:

πŸ₯— Healthy
βš–οΈ Sufficient
πŸ’° Affordable
πŸ“ Local
🍏 Nutritious

SHARE and tell us what a strong #foodsystem means to you πŸ—£οΈ

JOIN US & become a #FoodSystemsHero today! πŸ‘‰

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