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I really think it’s the “Greatest Suman” 😂👍🏼😂👍🏼♥️
#Repost @titaparingsumanlatikuptc
Start the month right with us! Get your suman fix in time for the holidays and order now! 🎄

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With God’s art pieces in the sky...who needs a filter??? This was just a while ago.

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Self-care is the best care. I love driving out to clear my mind once in a while and get some fresh perspective. Here are a couple of things I do with my trusty #Volkswagen Lamando to keep me positive (and my car clean) 😁🚘 @ph_volkswagen

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I tell you this pandemic has somehow brought out new things in people. I’m pleasantly surprised at this song written by a fellow kapamilya Bernadette Sambrano. Who would’ve thought right? I just wanted to share this with you and I hope you like it♥️💚💙

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Hi everyone. Just want to share something really special with you that my good friend @ogiealcasid is helping out with. Do check this out and you’ll see why I’m so blessed by what he’s doing and maybe you can be part of this wonderful cause as well😊🙏🏼💚

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Ready for #DoubleHappiness? ❄️ Catch @kianavee and more international artists
DEC 3, 8AM 🇵🇭MNL time/ DEC 2, 7PM EST 🇺🇸 @88rising ❄️ DOUBLE HAPPINESS Winter Festival TUNE IN! Stream it from here: #ParadiseRising #88rising

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Whew!!! Such a blessed afternoon reading the comments on our show today. You know? I’ve been around for a long time now and today it’s amazing to see how technology has made us truly connect. Thank you for watching and supporting all of us. We♥️U #ASAPConnect

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Quoted @bini_members

Kaya po nung nakaharap po namin kayo sir @GaryValenciano1, yung mga nasa isip po namin, “hala kausap na natin yung singer nung first video natin na nagtrending” 🥺❤️❤️❤️



All I can say is “good job.” I know I will see more of you sa ASAP NATIN ‘ To. God bless you all !!!! 🤗♥️💚💙

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Whoah!!!! BINI doing “NGITI”...maybe someday soon maari nilang gawin ito sa ASAP NATIN ‘TO #ASAPConnect

Kaya po nung nakaharap po namin kayo sir @GaryValenciano1, yung mga nasa isip po namin, “hala kausap na natin yung singer nung first video natin na nagtrending” 🥺❤️❤️❤️



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Nasa Saya Yan! Hahaha ang galing ni Darren at Edward. @Barber_Edward_
Grabe energy ni Darren. Anak ata talaga siya ni Sir Gary @GaryValenciano1 Hehe

@Espanto2001 #DarrenEspanto

Hahahahha. Good to see these guys having fun. God bless you kapamilya. Thanks for watching!!! #ASAPConnect

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Quoted @nevarkylance

@GaryValenciano1 Wow solid fan here thank you in advance Sir Gary🙏

Awwww thank you so much!!! God bless you kapamilya!!!! #ASAPConnect

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Quoted @JereLasPinas

sana Sir @GaryValenciano1 kayo dalawa ni @imjeremyg matagal na namin inaaabangan sa @ASAPOFFICIAL


Actually mahusay so Jeremy. #ASAPConnect

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Quoted @gelomalakuhs

@iamgelorivera @GaryValenciano1 SHA BOYS WILL RAISE THE FLAG 💖💖🇵🇭

You know what???? I think they can do that!!!! #ASAPConnect

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Quoted @joyceeeiii023

@GaryValenciano1 sobrang galing nila SHA boys and Bini❤️❤️❤️

Diba???????? #ASAPConnect

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Quoted @vulcasilly

@jltoreliza_ @GaryValenciano1 Lagi kayong makikinig sa mga payo nila and keep your feet on the ground. We love you.

And god bless you for supporting us Sam!!! #ASAPConnect

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Quoted @madeforgelo

@iamgelorivera @GaryValenciano1 ang galing niyo talaga!

Thank you for this simple yet meaningful tweet. God bless you Gelo!!! #ASAPConnect

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