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Replying to @futbolenlatv: 🥊 Nueva entrega de #FeverPitch: 'El origen del KO'.

🔍 El programa de @nacho8gonz pone el foco en las competiciones coper…

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🥊 Nueva entrega de #FeverPitch: 'El origen del KO'.

🔍 El programa de @nacho8gonz pone el foco en las competiciones coperas que ofrece @DAZN_ES: #CopaDelRey, FA Cup, Carabao Cup y Coppa Italia.

🗣️ Cuenta con la colaboración de @GuillemBalague y @rubenmartinweb.

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If you can, go to @LockdownThtr and get donating for @alzassociation please!!

Have a good evening, boys and girls!!

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At this point sir Kenny and sir Alex are talking to each other about games, and goalkeepers, and trips, and wins, in such a Scottish accent that, well, I can't tell you exactly what they are taking about 🤦🏽‍♂️

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Sir Alex on hairdryer: there is bit of myth on that. I never brought it up after the game. And my Scottish accent seemed to be a problem. Some players would ask others, ‘what did he say?’. One would respond: ‘he said that he’s not happy’ (laughs... him too but I missed the photo)

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Sir Kenny on being a manager now: you cannot scream to players, you have to be more tactful.

Southgate: you can, but... sir Alex chose those moments, and it is a bit the same now. You can be demanding of players! But they do not respond to that [screaming] so much now

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Sir Alex sent Jurgen Klopp to bed (the #LFC manager had to go)

Such a pleasure to see them all relaxed and exchanging stories


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Sir Alex on @JHenderson: he was thinking of getting him from Sunderland but medical advice stopped it. "I missed on a great person"


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Picture stolen from @TheCaulfieldWay

Look at their faces!! "It’s magical, natural," Michael says. He would know as he sees managers more often than not with tension in their faces

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Sir Kenny and Jurgen Klopp talking about the last two seasons and the success of #LFC

In the background, we heard Sir Alex: “I have been here for too long!” (Laughs)


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Biggest personal achievement for Jurgen Klopp, the Champions League or the Premier League title. “My kids is the biggest personal achievement!”


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Sir Kenny saying that the rivalry of #MUFC and #LFC is huge of course, but never forgets that the first club to pay respect in Anfield when the Hillsborough disaster was Manchester United. The respect is as big as the rivalry #listen #respect

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Oh, sir Alex says he is not sure he said his biggest challenge was to “knock them [Liverpool] off their perch”. But, he says, it is a saying “that has carried a lot of weight during all these years” #myths #legends

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Sir Alex gets asked if fans worried him. "Only Leeds and West Ham, they were vocal"

Sir Kenny: "I had no problems with fans. Was loved everywhere (laughs). Fergie must have done something wrong (more laughs)"

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And now Jürgen Klopp!!!! Just finished training and all...

What a night of football!

@LockdownThtr @alzheimerssoc

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Or wait... @GarethSouthgate has joined in! And the wine is out, like they do in the manager’s room after a game!
In aid of @alzheimerssoc and @LMA_Managers

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Hearing stories from these two genius steered by this top presenter

Sir Alex, ⁦@kennethdalglish⁩ and ⁦@KellyCates⁩ 👏🏻👏🏻

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Replying to @SpheraSports: Vuelve @GuillemBalague con sus columnas de su @Biggleswadeutd. Habla con maestría sobre lo más importante de cualquier en…

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Quoted @PSG_inside

📌 L’entraineur du @PSG_inside Mauricio Pochettino est confirmé positif au test PCR Sars-Cov2. Il va donc respecter l’isolement et est soumis au protocole sanitaire approprié.
Ses adjoints Jesus Perez et Miguel D’Agostino assureront le relai à partir de demain à Angers. #SCOPSG

Pochettino has been diagnosed positive with Covid. Get well soon, Mauri!!

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Vuelve @GuillemBalague con sus columnas de su @Biggleswadeutd. Habla con maestría sobre lo más importante de cualquier entidad: su gente y cómo su vida cambió gracias al fútbol. You must read it.


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Have you check out yet the @purefootballpod? I chat with @VirgilvDijk, Klopp, Maradona, R. Benitez, @trentaa98, @Guaje7Villa, Xabi Alonso...



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