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The live tracker monitors the status of COVID cases, broken down by congressional district, to help officials develop testing and vaccine deployment strategies in their areas

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Even with a vaccine rollout strategy in place, there will be many details to work out if it is to be a success, experts said

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What will the new post-pandemic normal look like?

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An online exhibit at the @peabodymuseum lends contemporary Wampanoag voices to historic objects:

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Shop local and support artists this holiday season - check out the virtual Allston-Brighton Winter Market!

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Experts discuss setting aside time this holiday to talk about the concepts of thanks and giving

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#HappyThanksgiving from Harvard! ๐Ÿฆƒ

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How can you reduce your stress and regain your footing after going through a difficult time?

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At the Indigenous Inspirers Panel, leaders discussed how Indigenous people mark Thanksgiving

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Talking about thanks and giving can help your family tune in to the real meaning of the season, say experts

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What will happen to Black Friday? @HarvardHBSย faculty members talk about what businesses can expect during this unusual holiday shopping season.

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Harvard environmental experts discuss what might be in store for climate change policy under President-elect Biden

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Two recent graduates created an educational website to answer questions and offer assurances for children during the pandemic

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Experts are working out a broad strategy to vaccinate Americans, which will likely prioritize health care and essential workers, as well as the elderly and those with risk factors for severe disease

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In these classes students discussed how and why elections are won, learned about polling and votes, and studied how the electoral system evolved

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After a very different fall semester, students are packing up and leaving campus.

Photos by Vlad Ivanchuk

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There are three main reasons why ballot counting was different this year, says @HarvardAsh's Miles Rapoport

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Some current @HarvardDivinityย students share what their favorite classes have been so far

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Replying to @harvardmed: ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚ #HarvardInAutumn

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Award-winning author of bestseller "How to Be an Antiracist," Ibram X. Kendi, discussed antiracism in higher education

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