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Single Mom of 2 wonderful kids who are my life..Loving NKOTB Forever 100% Jordan Girl...Always and Forever Jordan's "Who Her Girl"

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I had a really good cry this evening missing my kiddo my baby boy who is not a baby anymore he’s at college and it’s just not how college should be it’s like a ghost lol own cause no one is around they stay in dorms and classrooms sometimes I’m just sad for him Hurry up football

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Finished watching #cobrakaiseason3 last night omg When Daniel saves the day like a bad ass YESsss! #TeamDanielLarusso always #Karatekid I need #Cobrakaiseason4 like now #80sBaby

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This album #FaceTheMusic is 27 today it holds a special place❤️ This song #IfYouGoAway omg my fave on this album and 1 of my absolute favorites of @nkotb it has my heart ❤️ the moments and memories sigh @jordanknight @DonnieWahlberg @dannywood @joeymcintyre @JonathanRKnight

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Hey BSU..... Massachusetts You have a huge part of my heart You better take care of him... I’m trusting you! What’s up with MA always taking parts of my heart geeez lol

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Quoted @TheDailyShow

Biden spent his first day as president successfully clearing Trump’s extremely low bar.


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Full on Stress! 2 cars in the shop getting electrical work UGh! And a kid leaving for college in the morning

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Quoted @SenSchumer

Here’s just some of what President Biden has already accomplished:

Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement

Ended the Muslim travel ban

Safeguarded protections for Dreamers

Halted the ineffective border wall

Just to name a few things

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Quoted @BidenInaugural

Three presidents of the United States of America: one message of unity.

This is awesome

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Quoted @POTUS

We don't have a second to waste when it comes to getting this virus under control. That's why today, I'll be signing executive actions to expand testing, administer vaccines, and safely reopen schools and businesses.

This is what real leadership looks like! Thank you President Biden

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Yay I can finally say #PresidentBiden

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I feel a sigh of relief today and watching @JoeBiden and @DrBiden start Inauguration Day walking into church services with family members and believe or not Mitch McConnell (wow)Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Shows how graceful the Biden’s are and maybe the healing beings

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What a beautiful day it is! That SCum bag DJT actually left the White House Thank God! He did it in the most disgraceful Trump way ever with his lies and all about him creaming lol but He’s Fucking Gone!

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Quoted @JoeBiden

Next stop: Washington, D.C.

Yay it’s almost time

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Just more reasons to add to my dislike of BSB and this is huge guys! Inexcusable! I feel bad for you BSB fans and I am more than Thankful got my guys NKOTB that they are respectful normal amazing humans and I never have to worry who t some BS like that

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Quoted @JoeBiden

There’s no more fitting way to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. than service. Thank you to @Philabundance for letting us stop by and for the work you do every day to end hunger.

This is how real leaders act and how real presidents lead a country!

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I started laundry at 530am that’s before @Starbucks is even open Hmmmm definitely going for that latte before all the folding and repacking my Kidd to go back to college

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I’ve been hopeful for #nkotbFenway in July I have felt with the fact that there most likely not be a @nkotb 2021 summer tour! Well according to Dr. Gupata concerts won’t return until Fall 2021 as disappointing as this is at least there is a light at the end and f the tunnel

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Happy Birthday Beth @DwasMyFirstLove have a totally Epic Beth Style Bday miss you!

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I am an awesome amazing mom I raised 2 phenomenal Kids who have grown into even more phenomenal young adults 1 graduating college 1 graduating HS accomplishing dreams And I did it ALONE! #singlemomPower

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