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i’m in a band @whydontwemusic

Los Angeles, CA

Joined on 6 February, 2014

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happy saturday :)

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.@whydontwemusic's 'The Good Times and the Bad Ones' was the #1 best selling album in the US in pure sales this week (via @HITSDD). #TGTATBO

we have the best fans in the fucking world.

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how are you feelin this evening?

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check itttt 😎 #TGTATBO

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you guys are goin craaaazy with the #WDWListeningParty!!! looking through all your tweets w that hashtag now!! ahhhh this shit is so fun

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who’s listening to #TGTATBO today? 🤔

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US chart preview (via @HITSDD):
#1 @MorganWallen 135K
#2 Pop Smoke 45K
#3 @taylorswift13 44.5K
#4 @whydontwemusic 44K
#5 @lildurk 38K
#6 @theweeknd 34K
#7 @ArianaGrande 34K
#8 Juice WRLD 31K
#9 @lilbaby4PF 31K
#10 @thekidlaroi 30K

yooooo are you guys seeing these numbers?!!?? this is insaneeeee holy shit. we’re so close to being up to the number 2 spot!! if you haven’t bought the album yet, maybe now is the time!!!! WOWOWOWOWOW this is so wild

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Eu amo vocês demais, espero poder ir ao brasil em breve 🇧🇷♥️

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hey i love u

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i love you so much. sometimes when i feel a little lonely i think about the fact that there are so many of you guys out there who individually care so much. thank you for being such an amazing constant in my life. ♡

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Replying to @papermagazine: "These are our ideas, melodies and thoughts." @whydontwemusic

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what a surreal day. thank you a million times. hope you’re jammin to the album tonight 😎

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naw this why don’t we album is incredible

ayyy my guy!! thanks brother. forever grateful for you letting me open your shows back in the day. 🙏🏻

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Replying to @iHeartRadio: .@JonahMarais RT this if you were singing to me. 🎤🤞

@whydontwemusic @livexlive #iHeartWhyDontWe


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.@JonahMarais RT this if you were singing to me. 🎤🤞

@whydontwemusic @livexlive #iHeartWhyDontWe


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"These are our ideas, melodies and thoughts." @whydontwemusic

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the good times ̷a̷n̷d̷ ̷t̷h̷e̷ ̷b̷a̷d̷ ̷o̷n̷e̷s̷ <3 @whydontwemusic #TGTATBO


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ok goodnight love u i’ll follow more people when i wake up. LETS KEEP THIS THING ROLLIN BABY IM HYPED AND DELIRIOUS #TGTATBO

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okay i didn’t go to sleep... lol if u want me to follow you like and RT my pinned tweet rn 🤪

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okay i’m going to sleep now love you all thank you for the craziest last 24 hrs of my life ♥️♥️♥️

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i’ve waited for this day for years. our self written album “The Good Times and The Bad Ones” is officially out everywhere now. i hope that our experiences in life can connect with you and help you with your experiences in life. LOVE YOU. SO MUCH. #TGTATBO

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