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Did someone say lasagna?! If you love it as much as @local_haven, you’ll love this cheesy recipe. Kroger’s Free Pickup makes it easy to get everything you need to skip the line. Click here to shop Holiday meal essentials:

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Rachel Greyeyes knows how to spend more time creating tasty recipes than shopping for ingredients. Skip the line and order online. With Kroger’s Free Pickup you can be cooking this casserole in no time!

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Looking to make your own harvest bowl like @realandvibrant, but you are out of ingredients? No need to worry! Just head to the Kroger app, order your ingredients, skip the line and pick them up at a Kroger near you!

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The only thing easier than our recipe for a Cranberry Gin Cocktail is getting a variety of fresh ingredients for all your holiday needs 🙌

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Looking for a fresh recipe this Thanksgiving? With Free Pickup, you can get everything you need to make this flavor packed Chickpea and Brussels Sprouts Stuffed Acorn Squash.

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Pull up a chair sandwich fans, The Gobbler features all the fresh Thanksgiving ingredients you can get at Kroger in one, delicious package. Get the full fresh assortment you need with our easy Free Pickup.

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With our huge assortment of fresh, we make it easy for the whole family to get what they need (and more) this holiday season!

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Get ready for the two-point conversion and join the huddle as @EddieJackson breaks down his Vanilla Bean Beer Float recipe! 🏈👉

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We have the perfect spooky recipe to add to your Halloween treats, a Monster Cookie Surprise! Get all the ingredients for a price that’s lower than low. Find the recipe in the link below! 🍪🧡 #Halloween

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This Mummy Cake recipe will turn your twinkies into a delicious fright that your family will love. We always offer ways to save (and scare)! Find the recipe in the link below! 👻 #Halloween #BetterForLower

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Delight your guests with these Haunted Caramel Apples! 🕸 Tip: Roll the caramel in toppings and crushed candy bars for a crunchy exterior. 👻🍎🕸 #Halloween

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‘Tis the season for fresh, family and fun! With Free Pickup, you’ll have everything you need to make the holidays a success.

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Huddle up with @EddieJackson as he breaks down one of his favorite game day recipes! #KrogerHomegating 🏈👉

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Fall mornings call for a taste of pumpkin greatness 🎃 Try this Pumpkin French Toast recipe that can be made in just 11 minutes. Click for the recipe. #BetterForLower

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Mexican-style pizza? Sign us up. 🔥 Tip: Top the pizza with jalapeños for a peppery flavor. Grab the recipe here:

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Am I the only one who’s been eating the same thing every day for the past 7 months? If so, lucky for us, @krogerchefbot is here to help us find new and tasty recipes with the food we already have in our fridge! #ad #ChefbotFridgeCheck

.@TheKalenAllen is giving us early Thanksgiving vibes with his ingredients. See what he cooked with @KrogerChefbot’s help 👏

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@KrogerChefbot give our bunny some recipe ideas for hot pepper, avocado, tomato

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Meet @KrogerChefbot, the recipe bot that makes the most of your pantry and cuts down on food waste, one recipe at a time.

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