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Nothing beats a story well told, be it on the page, in a lyric, or on the screen. Give me a good book, a moving song or entertaining TV show and I'm all in.

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Quoted @maggie_wells1

SEDUCING STEVE is a BookBub featured deal today! Grab this one for only 99¢/99p! Hot friends-to-lovers romance. Already read and loved, Steve? Please tell your friends!

This is one heck of a deal. Go grab yourself a copy. Friends to lovers romance at its spicy best.

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Clever. No musical background when Zoey sings but full accompaniment for Max. Great attention to detail. #ZoeysPlaylist

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From Twitter Safety "After close review of recent Tweets from the
account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence."

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Quoted @EW

The Starz travel docuseries sees the two actors road trip around their native Scotland, starting Feb. 14.​

This makes me very happy. Looking forward to the series. @SamHeughan @grahammctavish

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Amazing how they have been saying that National Guard is on the way. Yet to see that happen.

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Scary stuff. The protesters are storming the capitol.

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The portion of the day where I mute Ted Cruz. #CongressCountTheVote

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Let the debating begin. A challenge for Arizona's electoral votes. This is going to be a lonnnng process. #BidenStillWon

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Good for you Kate. #ThisisUs

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"This is not a peck and go situation." Tell him Beth. #ThisisUs

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This song is killing me. #CarryOn. That's all we can do. #ZoeysPlaylist

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Nope no completion between Max and Simon. @SkylarAstin #ZoeysPlaylist

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Quoted @skelechiwatson

See ya tnite? Retweet if you'll be there! #ThisIsUs

I'll be there! #ThisIsUs

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A very happy birthday to both @grahammctavish and @RikRankin.

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Phyllis and Milicent, the friendship we didn't know we needed. Here's to Stout beer in a lady's glass, and Harvey Wallbangers. @CallTheMidwife1 #CallTheMidwife

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Perfect timing. Family is gone. Time for #CallTheMidwife

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Another swoon-worthy scene in the #SoundOfMusic. I love the lighting.

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I just realized that Maria is wearing the dress that the new novice wore when she was entering the abby. #SoundOfMusic

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