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I'm just going to use some PTO from work tomorrow and stay home to watch the NFL playoffs instead.

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Quoted @Joe_Fann

Russell Wilson said this is a critical time in his career. He said it's significant and critical that he's part of the hiring process for the #Seahawks next OC.

Pete Carroll wants to do things his way, which do not exactly align with what Wilson wants. I fear this is setting up for a future divorce. #Seahawks #NFL

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I’m leaning towards fading Devante Adams this weekend. I’m sure it won’t come back to haunt me at all lol.

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"It's just a different of opinion and you need to respect that." Not if your opinion is just pure nonsense and stupidity.

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College football used to be more fun but like all of the playoff games were blowouts and 2 were caused by one team. (Alabama)

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If you take away Russell Wilson's Super Bowl win, a win in which the defense was responsible for, what has he really accomplished? Sure, he puts up some great passing seasons in the regular season but in the playoffs? It's not too great. Just food for thought.

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Back to the dark side: 😈

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Kareem Hunt "revenge" game coming next week.

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If Ben Roethlisberger keeps playing this bad, he’s going to end up as Big Benched.

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Maybe the Bears shouldn’t have Spongebob as their offensive coordinator?

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Rolling with this.

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Rams players talk a lot of smack for a team that has Jared Goff as QB. Sure, they beat Seattle but it was more Seattle beating themselves than anything. (bad coaching on offense).

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My best Draftkings lineup is 67 points away from 1st place. I did a 20 entry max contest and ended up with nothing but dead lineups that are only likely to min cash at best. It seems 3 game slates are too difficult or i'm approaching it wrong.

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Russell Wilson is going to leave the Seahawks. Tell me a different outcome? It's not like Pete Carroll is going to make any drastic coaching change or play calling on offense. Wilson deserves some blame but still.

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I am doubtful to resume watching this game. Waste of my time!

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Welp, it's the Seahawks turn to play their game. It's most definitely going to be a stressful game lol.

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I have more Nyheim Hines than Jonathan Taylor today. Hope it works out. #DraftKings #dfs

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One day, I'm going to make the onions cry. Hopefully it'll be because my joke was that good.

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I’m working a 2-11 pm shift today and then a 7 am-3:30 pm shift tomorrow. That morning shift was one I took over from a co worker. Hey, anything to make sure I can get off earlier to watch the #Seahawks game haha.

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Giants players seem more upset about the Eagles not helping them get in playoffs rather than them just winning enough games so it doesn't come down to that. #NFL

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