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It’s not my fault if your team isn’t good enough to cover.

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THAT finish on #ORSTvsORE - with the 137 point total - is why "investing" on sporting events is a contact sport.

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Next-level weak sports thought ...

I've never liked Oklahoma State basketball only because of the home upper-deck camera angle.

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When, not if, I become President, not only does the Diet Coke button instantly return to the Resolute desk, but it has an M for McDonald's Diet Coke.

And the M will also be for Massage ... along with the DC.

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For the life of me - and I lived through the 1980s - I NEVER understood the whole Bruce Springsteen thing.

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Maybe it’s just me, but the big voice inauguration announcer could’ve done without this in his instructions to the audience ...

“Thanks for coming! Don’t forget to purchase some orange drink for the long ride home.”

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When, not if, I become President, it’s top and tails for the inauguration.


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Quoted @marchmadness

🚨 #MarchMadness Scheduling Update!

🏀 March 18 - First Four
🏀 March 19/20 - First Round
🏀 March 21/22 - Second Round
🏀 March 27/28 - Sweet 16
🏀 March 29/30 - Elite 8
🏀 April 3 - Final Four
🏀 April 5 - National Championship


Super Bowl is February 7, NCAA Tournament begins on March 18, Masters starts on April 5

I'm sure there's something to do between February 8 and March 17 ...

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Quoted @MichaelJLev

Man, they've really upgraded the Happy Meal prizes since I was a kid

You'd have me at McDonald's bags filled with McDonald's ...

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Replying to @PeteFiutak: Only 4% serious here.

It would never, ever, ever happen, but if Peyton Manning steps out right now and says he wants to be…

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For everyone wondering why the Tennessee job opening is such a big deal, try out this fun fact ...

Just 12 schools have won a national title in the BCS/CFP era. You can probably name them all without blinking.

Tennessee is one of them.

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The best four minutes of your day ...

Nirvana - Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Live And Loud, Seattle / 1993) via @YouTube

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Only 4% serious here.

It would never, ever, ever happen, but if Peyton Manning steps out right now and says he wants to be the next head football coach at the University of Tennessee - and/or the next athletic director - it's a done deal without even a blink, right?

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Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2020? via @colfootballnews

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Jeremy Pruitt Fired, Justin Fields Turning Pro: College Football News Monday, January 18 via @colfootballnews

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Quoted @JamesPalmerTV

As Tom Brady and Drew Brees hug and say goodbye after a long talk on the field, Brady throws a touchdown pass to Brees’ son. One walks off to play in the NFC championship, the other stays to play with his kids.

This is a small slice of fantastic ...

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Not that it really matters, and I suppose its based on seeding, but shouldn't Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers get the marquee late game on Sunday over Buffalo at Kansas City?

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What I’ve Learned Today. According to Tony Boselli during the #TBvsNO pregame radio banter ...

Part of Tampa Bay’s success is because “Tom Brady is beating off Father Time.”

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The Drive, The Fumble ... The Punt? #CLEvsKC

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Basically, with that punt, Cleveland is telling Kansas City it doesn't think Chad Henne can hit two clutch 3rd down passes. #CLEvsKC

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