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Lifting. Dragging. Pulling. Destroying. But that's @Lesdoggg's #PortalTradition. Using the hashtag, share yours! With Portal’s Smart Camera, all the tree decorating moments get kept in frame. Plus, your tree will look even better with a Portal next to it.

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This year @frmheadtotoe and family have started a new tradition of virtual PJ parties and Story Time. ❤️🎄 "Hearing both sides laugh their guts out makes us feel like we’re together even when we’re miles apart." Tag us to share your #PortalTraditions!

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Even if you can’t keep up with @Lesdoggg's incredible moves, Portal’s Smart Camera always keeps the fun in frame. 🎶 What are your #PortalTraditions going to be this year?

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With the help of Portal, award-winning chef, @edouardojordan and his mom, Velda, share their Thanksgiving leftover recipes with @TODAYshow's @DylanDreyerNBC. ❤️🦃 Watch here:

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Replying to @LoveLeyniArt: So #grateful for our @PortalFacebook. Got to talk to my boy, stationed in Europe, & my nephew who is deployed, along with…

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Replying to @MTribuzioMD: Thank you @PortalFacebook for saving Thanksgiving.

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While they may not be able to make gingerbread houses with Grandma in person this year, @SeanLowe09 and his family are going to make sure they can continue holiday traditions with the help of Portal. 🎄❤️ #PortalTraditions

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So #grateful for our @PortalFacebook. Got to talk to my boy, stationed in Europe, & my nephew who is deployed, along with their beautiful wives, for Thanksgiving. ❤️ #airforcefamily

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Even though they can't be at Grandma's house this year, @carlywaddell and her family are continuing their holiday traditions and holiday fun with the help of Portal!❄️❤️ Be sure to check out Carly's takeover of our Instagram Story today. #PortalTraditions

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Thank you @PortalFacebook for saving Thanksgiving.

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While Thanksgiving may look different this year, @ChantellePaige is using Portal to keep up with holiday traditions and family this year. How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year? 🦃 😊 #PortalTraditions

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.@RebelWilson’s moves were made for sharing. And she does love sharing them. Give everyone the gift of you, no matter where you are, with Zoom video calls on Portal. 💃 #PortalTraditions

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Holiday traditions are important to @babyboybakery no matter the circumstance. That's why she's using Portal to help recreate her mom's sausage stuffing while creating new #PortalTraditions. 🤗 How are you keeping traditions alive this year? ❄️

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Some roast chestnuts by an open fire. 🌰🔥 Others act out breakup scenes with gingerbread people. 🍪💔 What are your #PortalTraditions? @RebelWilson

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Thanksgiving might look different this year, but just because you can't be together doesn't mean you can't feel there. 🦃❤️ @TODAYshow

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There may be extra distance between us this year, but Portal makes video calls to smartphones and tablets. So those awkward gift exchanges aren’t going anywhere. (Sorry, Leslie! 😂) #PortalTraditions @Lesdoggg

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"Portal is hands down the best video calling device on the market, and nowhere would it be more useful than the Thanksgiving table." ❤️🦃

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Not sure who’s more animated— Leslie, or the story. 🤔 Portal’s Story Time brings story book stories to life with AR effects for holiday fun. #PortalTraditions @Lesdoggg

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Portal’s Smart Camera keeps the action front and center no matter what you’re doing. Or in @RebelWilson’s case, what you’re hanging. #PortalTraditions 🖼

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Check out @RebelWilson's interview on the @DrewBarrymoreTV show talking about how Portal is keeping her family connected this holiday season! ❤️

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Quoted @techatfacebook

Since COVID-19 hit, @FisherHouseFdtn has distributed 160 Portal TVs to VA facilities across the country, letting veterans stay close to their families — even when they can’t be in the same room. @PortalFacebook

We’re glad Portal was able to help keep this 52 years of love alive despite these difficult times. ❤️

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Replying to @FBRealityLabs: Since the pandemic started, @FisherHouseFdtn has distributed 160 @PortalFacebook TVs to VA facilities across the country…

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Since the pandemic started, @FisherHouseFdtn has distributed 160 @PortalFacebook TVs to VA facilities across the country, allowing veterans to stay close to their families, even when they can't be in the same room.

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