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Iam currently living in REPUBLICAN HELL AKA SOUTH CAROLINA as a Proud Democrat. I continue to march with BLM & demand police Reform to end Police Brutality!


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If I was #TigerWoods one of the people I'd want to speak with is #AlexSmith so I could pick his brain when it comes to a injury such as this.

If Alex can play football I think Tiger can play golf. But that's not important RN

@lizbsmith11 @TigerWoods @PGATOUR @GolfChannel

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#PunishNegan Find out what Maggie decides to do when #TWD Returns Sunday 9/8c

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Replying to @scrufacejean: I have a big feature for my next single. Nice this gets 100RT/❤️s and I’ll say who it is! 🤫

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I have a big feature for my next single. Nice this gets 100RT/❤️s and I’ll say who it is! 🤫

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It's been 24yrs since "SLIM SHADY EP" dropped & there hasn't been 1 other "WHITE RAPPER " to do what EM has done.
So if he is only where he is cuz he's white then "WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHERS ?"

@ShadyFansite @Eminem_Pro
#Eminem @IAMBENZINO @lordjamar
#LordJamar #Hiphop

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When was the moment you learned about #hiphop & Fell in love with it?

Mine was age 5 when big brother let me stay up late & watched 1995 SOURCE AWARDS. I never looked back.

@QueenzFlip @DJGMONEY @HipHopWeekly @BattleRapTrap @HipHopNation @angiemartinez @Royceda59 #HipHopMusic

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August 1995 {Age 5} was when I fell in love with #HipHop when my big brother let me stay up late & he was watching SOURCE AWARDS 95' & I fell in love with #HipHopCulture . I will never forget that night.
@TheSource @Diddy @sugeknight @biggiesmalls @2PAC
#90skid @DailyRapFacts

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The face #Supreme made when he found out he didn't take @50cent & put him in the dirt......
Getting others to put in work is Some Sucka Shit & Preme put everything on RED & failed.
@irvgotti187 @jarule @QueenzFlip

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This is moment he got the news @50cent didn't die & Supreme was like "Please Indict me so I can go hide"

#SupremeTeam #queensny
@TonyYayo @Lloydbanks
#StreetRoyalty @QueenzFlip

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Haters bring up
My name is & Real Slim Shady
When claiming "Street dont Roc with @Eminem "
Trying to pass it off like his Entire Catalog is just those 2 Songs, While he has 🔥 that the Streets love.

@lordjamar @IAMBENZINO
@ShadyFansite @Eminem_Pro @AprilG_Showers #Eminem

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You notice the dudes who hate on @Eminem will never use other examples when claiming "STREETS DONT LISTEN 2 EM"?
The only say 2 songs, Which dont describe his full catalogue at all.

@ShadyFansite @Eminem_Pro @SlimShadyClan @IAMBENZINO

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How I became a @Eminem Fan
12-20-1997 {7yo}in NJ @ a Flea Market a Whitedude in BANANA YELLOW JUMPER selling TAPES for $7, As the only kid he gave me a Freebie. I bought a Walkman & popped it in & tha tape was SS EP .
@SlimShadyClan @Eminem_Pro

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Ay @hopsin you need to reach out to Queenz Flip & DJ G Money about going on their podcast FLIP DA SCRIPT cuz I'd really love to see you on they show cuz they on a different level & dont ask the same BS ?'s others ask
@QueenzFlip @DJGMONEY @FlipDaScriptPod

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As a HUGE fan of the show there is a few people I'd love to see yall interview & I'm wondering are they ppl you would want on or have you tried?
@nfrealmusic @hopsin @scrufacejean
@QueenzFlip @DJGMONEY @FlipDaScriptPod

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Glad this video was made @QueenzFlip
My brother had to take a 10yr FED BID after his Right hand man
[ROBERT BUTLER] since 5yr old got locked & 🐀 on my bro even while my brother was taking care of his daughter & Paid his LAWYER...

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Salute to @QueenzFlip for being a real one & holding down his □ & Checking #Tekashi69 .
69 is dancing on sacred & hallowed grounds. He is PROTECTED BY A ARMY so he thinks what he is doing is Tuff when its really sum FUCKBOY SHIT

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This song must be a SOUNDTRACK for a BLOCKBUSTER HIT.
This will be the 2021 SOUND OF SUMMER!!!
@FoxNews @glennbeck

@ParamountPics @FoxStudioLot @20thcentury @NetflixFilm

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This song will be the 2021 SUMMER THEME & this needs to be the Soundtrack for a BLOCKBUSTER ROMANTIC COMEDY.
You can tell that this will be something everybody age 5-95 will have stuck in their heads.


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I dont care which #MOVIE it gets used for, All I know is that "GANG GANG" by @NovaRockafeller Ft- Tom Macdonald
Needs to be the #soundtrack for BIG BUDGET ROMANTIC COMEDY.
@UniversalPics @ParamountPics @Lionsgate @20thcentury

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Was having a down evening & went to watch some @WeSkeem & in this one sentence my mood is flipped. Dying laughing just hearing Skeem "When I grow up" lls.
Your Amazing bro & you are truly Genuine Af & I really just love your channel. Then when I wanna think I GO2 WE SPEAK! #Skeem

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