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The Hoarse Whisperer

“A Twitter rando” - Rolling Stone mag. Beer money happily accepted here: Instagram: @TheRealHoarse

Joined on 8 October, 2016

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For those who asked, you can put a tip on her jar at

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So, people who joined me to catch @juliabhatt on IG Live tonight...

Was I right or what? What did you think?

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Quoted @TheRealHoarse

Maybe you’ll join me. I hope you do.

To get in:

- visit @JuliaBhatt’s page on Instagram at 8:30 ET
- her avatar will say “Live”
- click on the avatar

That’s it... you’re in. And then at 9:00 we’ll jump to @thechrisbarron’s feed.


Let’s do this. Pour yourself a drink and then pour yourself into tonight’s live music hangouts.

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Replying to @thechrisbarron: Put yo’ pajamas on.

It’s almost time for The Friday Night Hoarse-Around.

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Put yo’ pajamas on.

It’s almost time for The Friday Night Hoarse-Around.

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Quoted @OptnTrader

@DeadlineWH finally, the stylists got Alicia Menendez's hair out of her face

Replying to @AliciaMenendez: I am said “stylists”

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The first online concert doesn’t start for an hour.

Be honest, what do you think:

Would it be wrong to pour myself a drink now?

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Quoted @GregAbbott_TX

I am joining @SenBryanHughes to announce a bill prohibiting social media companies from censoring viewpoints.

Too many social media sites silence conservative speech and ideas and trample free speech.

It's un-American, Un-Texan, & soon to be illegal.

This dumbfuck’s latest horseshit sandwich is the moronic claim he’s going to regulate private speech.

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I am said “stylists”

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Mine is these two shows tonight.

It is a purely happy thing to be able to facilitate a young artist getting to play in front of an audience new to her music.

And it’s a blast to do these hangouts with Chris.

I like my plans tonight.


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Friday. At last. And that means it’s time for our weekly bowl of chicken soup for the soul.

Tell me something good.

What good thing happened in your life this week?

Big, medium, or small. It’s the looking that matters because even in bad times, there is some good to find.


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Quoted @terri_rupar

"Now, Ms. Rice occupies the West Wing office that was previously inhabited by Stephen Miller ... Ms. Rice has decorated it with Haitian art and scented it with sage."

Stephen Miller’s spirit has been cleansed from the White House.

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Quoted @atrupar

REPORTER: Americans are saying immigrant surges are happening under President Biden's watch

PSAKI: Who are the Americans?

REPORTER: The former president

PSAKI: Former President Trump?


PSAKI: We don't take our advice or counsel from former President Trump

This is how you reply to the “people are saying” nonsense.

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Replying to @tribelaw: Go Eric! This @RepSwalwell lawsuit against Trump in his personal capacity is one Trump won’t easily escape. Its legal basis i…

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And for whoever doesn’t know this:

If Cuomo were to ever leave before the end of his term, the Lt. Governor - a Democrat - would fill the role.

There is no super sneaky scheme at work here to put a Republican in office. That isn’t even a thing that is possible.

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Quoted @Hogan80Hogan

I just can't with the Cuomo story. This is a political hit job. I'm so cynical now, that was the first thing I thought of when the first accusation arose. I feel bad about the young women but the GOP is behind this. Am I alone in thinking this?

The replies to this are proof we have so very far to go.

Even the “Believe women.” side of the aisle would rather imagine conspiracy theories than contemplate a powerful man might have overstepped boundaries.

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Quoted @TheRealHoarse

These shows have made these last months earlier.

Each week, I look forward to them more than the last.

It has been a long, cold, lonely winter and these shows are a little bit of sun.

Maybe I’ll see ya tonight. Hope so.


*easier. I meant easier not earlier.

Anyway, heading out to secure adequate provisions before tonight’s get-together.

My beer, it has run dry. And that won’t do.

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Some of y’all think I meant I’d hang out and watch the TV. 😂🤣😂

That thing would go in the trunk.

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Quoted @billscher

All 8 Democrats (Carper, Coons, Hassan, King, Manchin, Shaheen, Sinema, Tester) who just now voted against putting $15 in the reconciliation bill are also on this list of 12 who have not sponsored Bernie's stand-alone $15 bill

Hopefully the folks who insisted Kamala Harris should have overruled the parliamentarian now understand that trying to fold min wage into the COVID relief bill was DOA from the start.

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Quoted @billscher

The problem is by forcing the vote, Sanders exposed that he doesn't have Democratic unity around $15, which weakens his position.

Losing a vote on the floor gets you further away not closer.

That’s why you never see Nancy Pelosi bring a losing bill to a vote in the House.

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Go Eric! This @RepSwalwell lawsuit against Trump in his personal capacity is one Trump won’t easily escape. Its legal basis is solid and its factual predicates are overwhelming.

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Quoted @TheRealHoarse

Last week, I asked if my back story was something people were interested in reading about.

The answer was a fairly overwhelming ‘yes’ so now I suppose I owe it to you to make good.

To be honest, I’ve struggled with this, so this may be a bumpy ride.


Just so I can keep these altogether in one place and pin them for whomever might care.

My personal backstory:


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