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Nyalakan 2021 dengan semangat dan harapan baru bersama #Hannochs

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We survived 2020 so far! it’s been a crazy ride for all of us but i believe things will get better. soon enough. Always stay on the positive & lets make new memories with @vivo_indonesia.

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Dynamite ft Indomusikgram team! Watch now on my YT channel

Don't forget to subscribe guys 🤗

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Watch us singing "Tunjukkan" at Museum Macan only on my youtube channel!

#AfganRaisaTunjukkan @raisa6690

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Nonton keseruan kita berdua malam ini di @TonightShow_NET


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Finally bisa perform berdua lagii. Nonton keseruan gue bareng @raisa6690 di YT @maknatalks #afgaraisatunjukkan

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1m views! Thank you guys..let's continue for watch this MV and againn thankk youuu untuk support dari kaliann 🥰

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Intorduce the new fresh color with Sleek Magical Design #vivoV20SEAquamarineGreen. And you can get it now!

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Have you listen to “Tunjukkan” today? This one’s a feel-good. Keep it on repeat! & dont forget to watch the MV, lets make it a million views by today! 🥰

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Tell me what's your favorite scene in this mv? @raisa6690

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My newest single with @raisa6690 ‘Tunjukkan’ is available now on all digital streaming platforms. Go listen now and let me know what do you think.


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One step closer to the MV premiere of ‘Tunjukkan’ . Tomorrow at 16.00 WIB on @trinityoptima ‘s YouTube channel


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The wait is almost over...go pre-save “Tunjukkan” now @raisa6690

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Tune in to find out about our new single ‘Tunjukkan’ @raisa6690 only on @trinityoptimap TikTok account



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Watch untill the end of this video to know the title of our new song @raisa6690


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Ada yang bisa nebak gak nih judulnya? @raisa6690

Coming soon 06.11.2020

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Miss us? 😝 @raisa6690

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Happy weekend y'all!
But selfie first with #vivoV20 44MP Eye Autofocus @vivo_indonesia

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