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"It is of the utmost importance that the Biden administration lead multilateral efforts to fight the pandemic and to support and fund global vaccine efforts.

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"The Biden administration must immediately move to support global initiatives that aim to ensure fair vaccine access for all countries, such as the WHO’s COVAX pillar.

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"As the world continues to roll out COVID-19 vaccines, a united, coordinated global response to this pandemic is more needed than ever.

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"Most importantly, the Biden administration must lead international efforts to prioritize vaccine distribution for those most at risk, regardless of the country they live in. We urge the administration to implement a human rights-centered approach to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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"Only if governments recognize their human rights obligations and work together can we get the COVID-19 pandemic under control and ensure that everyone can access health care.

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BREAKING: Amnesty International USA welcomes rejoining of World Health Organization and urges Biden administration to prioritize COVID-19 vaccines for those most at risk, across the world

Interim Executive Director of AIUSA Bob Goodfellow said:

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“Rejoining the WHO is a much-needed first step in restoring the United States’ cooperation with the international community and signaling its commitment to prioritizing international public health.

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"Instead of making our country safe, it endangered thousands of lives, tore families apart, and abandoned values long cherished by so many in the US”

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"The extension of this Muslim ban into an African ban demonstrated a pernicious pattern of discriminatory treatment of African immigrants and asylum-seekers. This ban was nothing new: it was the same hate and fear in a different package.

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"Our research demonstrated that every version of the ban was deadly, dangerous, and disastrous. The policy was rooted in hate, white supremacy, and racism. The ban, and the anti-Muslim sentiment in which it originated, was a violation of human rights and human dignity.

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"The President should publicly repudiate the xenophobia this country enshrined into policy and apologize for the official acts of discrimination by the government that have impacted so many families and individuals.

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“Since the ban was first implemented four years ago, we have seen families torn apart, and anti-Muslim hate crimes. People who were supposed to be welcomed to safety have been placed in limbo by a government that abandoned them.

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"While the administration has a long way to go to address the root causes of the Muslim & African bans, today’s EAs are a signal that US institutions are committed to addressing some of the extremely serious human rights violations that have been committed in the past four years.

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"The ban has been a catastrophe for those to whom welcome in the United States was a question of life and death. The United States now must finally welcome the thousands who remain in limbo waiting to call these shores their new home.

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"No one should be detained for seeking safety or detained solely because of their immigration status.

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“Steps to restore asylum rights and welcome people seeking safety, as the US has historically done, are welcome. As part of this renewed leadership, the Biden administration must free people from immigration detention, release all families together, and end family detention.

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"The presumption should be always be liberty, not detention. Families should never be separated, and children should live in freedom with their families as they pursue their right to seek safety.

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"When President Trump signed what has become known as the Muslim ban during his first week in office, he set into motion a series of events that continue to leave families in uncertainty and danger to this day.

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Ending white supremacy is a human rights mandate.

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