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.@LynnHurtak is very excited about what arrived today from Wade & Williamson.

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Oral histories have been really mishandled over the past few years but this one is outstanding—particularly when it gets to how nobody who created Guitar Hero can remember what the first Guitar Hero song was.

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Quoted @marcorubio

It’s on!


Weird how Marco Rubio had no issue with attending this 2019 rally where "Lock Her Up" chants dominated much of Trump's appearance

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For those ever curious about how the generator works (or to find different outcomes): the variables are the first letter of your name, the first letter of your partner's name, the first letter of your call letters, and the last letter of your call letters.

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Marco Rubio claims "only in the third world" do you see former leaders in jail. France, Italy, and South Korea all have former presidents or prime ministers currently in jail or who have been convicted in the past 12 months.

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Replying to @cordjefferson: In the seven years since I left Gawker to work in TV, I've had dozens of journalists reach out to ask how they might get…

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In the seven years since I left Gawker to work in TV, I've had dozens of journalists reach out to ask how they might get into entertainment. Today, I'm launching a fellowship to help unemployed or underemployed journalists get into film and television:

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The Sports Radio Show Name Generator i built for Deadspin in 2016 is broken, so I moved it here:

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The man crying that the markets have been overtaken by unserious investors lines his wall with children's lunchboxes

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B-1 + B-2 + B-52 = Super Bowl 55 Flyover!

The @Chiefs and @Buccaneers punched in their tickets to #SuperBowlLV last night. The U.S. Air Force will be there too! Three different @AFGlobalStrike bombers will conduct a flyover, Feb. 7.


@NFL #AimHigh

If the money has to be spent (and it doesn’t) we already have tankers from the local base up there to do flyovers. What an incredible waste to bring in bombers from Ellsworth & Minot.

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Happy seventh anniversary to this important awards show moment.

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JANUARY 26: this day in screencap history

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also discovered: an extremely rare HD copy of the 2007 OK State-Texas A & M game.

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Quoted @penlovespaper

Tonight was my first mandolin lesson from @bubbaprog. He bought me my namesake instrument 7 years ago and I’ve never really had the time or inclination to learn. COVID has changed all that. It’s certainly harder than I thought it would be, but I’m excited for the challenge.

If anybody has suggestions for learning mandolin beyond what I can teach (which isn't much; just what I know as a tenor guitar player) let us know!

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Replying to @peterhassett: INBOX: full statement from NWHL watcher Peter Hassett

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Sooooo here's Mike Lindell on Tucker Carlson's show saying Dominion "hired hit groups and bots and trolls and went after all my vendors and box stores to cancel me out."

$$$ in the eyes of Dominion's lawyers as they watch a $25 billion company knowingly engage in broadcasting falsehoods with the knowledge that they are false (or, at least, reckless disregard w/r/t Fox knowing they were putting a man on TV who would be stating falsehoods)

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INBOX: full statement from NWHL watcher Peter Hassett

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I launched a project last month somewhat quietly, & today I wanted to make a more public announcement in hopes you'll join me in supporting it. It's a pretty big undertaking, but it's already seeing results.

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