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These are funniest TikToks we found responding to this historical moment:

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"i, joe biden, solemnly swear to never look directly into a fucking eclipse"

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Quoted @maggieNYT

After all, Trump did leave Biden a note, a White House official confirms.

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"You look goofy having Black characters and no Black writers. That should never be something that exists. You look goofy having trans characters without trans writers. In fact, you cannot tell those stories without having those faces in the room."

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"If I want representation for someone who looks like me and has all the different facets of my identity, I’m going to have to make that character.” @shutupaida

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today would have been my wedding day if not for the pandemic

and the fact that i never got engaged

and that I’ve been single since 2017

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- anyone who tips 5%
- the guys who killed john wick’s dog
- whoever wrote the kars4kids jingle

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The first fully animated season of 'No Activity' is packing a lot of star power @CBSAllAccess @NoActivityCBS

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T hank
G od
I t’s the last
F riday of the trump administration

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me and my vibrator after 10 months in quarantine

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Quoted @ed_hawkins

Global temperature change from 1850 to 2020.

One stripe per year.

Data: @metoffice

isnt this from the netflix intro

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💖💖 💖💖
💖💖 💖💖
💖💖our mask goes over
your nose too, asshole

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Quoted @jonlovett

This story has it all.

who among us hasn’t wrecked an ex-president’s bathroom with a monster shit so bad everyone at our job gets banned

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Gaze upon bleached blonde putty-face Nelson Mandela and tremble

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donald trump is now the first Nanny guest star to get impeached twice

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we all laughed at trump for staring at the eclipse yet here we are watching this impeachment

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It’s time to stop making shitty holiday movies and start making these not shitty ones

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