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Quoted @sdkstl

>>States reported more covid deaths this week than the CDC's estimate for US flu deaths for the entire 2019-2020 flu season.<<

Scary times. The "it's basically like the flu" spin of last year, still being peddled by some, has been one of the more disastrous and irresponsible aspects of how this virus has been communicated to the public by influential people.

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Quoted @4hundredrabbits

For kids who get #freeschoolmeals but are being sent white bread and a single tomato: Time to level up 👊

This Friday! 12-5pm! Ask for ‘The Rashford One’ and get a free kids margherita 🍕

Phone ahead or drop in. No questions asked.

I love my neighborhood. It takes a village as they say. (Also @MarcusRashford is moving mountains. Watch him.)

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Quoted @jswatz

Biden’s choice of David Kessler take over Operation Warp Speed sends me back: covering him as FDA commissioner was a wild ride. He got things done.

This looks encouraging after some major leadership fails (in the US and elsewhere).

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Xentral has an interesting backstory: the orig software was written by the founders of a small biz in search of an ERP product for itself and unable to find what it needed. (It helped that the co in question was a tech business, selling hardware components to enthusiasts.)

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Luciana Lixandru (led deal for Sequoia) has made a name for herself spotting and backing unchampioned but ultimately huge enterprise startups (UiPath among them). Not at all surprised Sequoia poached her from Accel and made her a centerpiece of its Euro strategy.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Germany's Xentral nabs $20M led by Sequoia to help online-facing SMBs run back offices better by @ingridlunden

Sequoia's 1st European investment since setting up shop here points to an area of focus: tech-driven, ambitious startups in emerging, underserved enterprise categories. E-commerce ERP sounds wonky but it covers a range of essential processes that giants like Amazon have nailed.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Rapyd raises $300M on a $2.5B valuation to boost its fintech-as-a-service API by @ingridlunden

There are many fintech-as-a-service platforms today, w/growth fueled by Covid-19 and the shift online; Rapyd is one of the pioneers. This Coatue-led round underscores its ambitions to become (in words of CEO) the "AWS" of this space. tip @Techmeme

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Descript raises $30M to build the next generation of video and audio editing tools by @ingridlunden

Really clever company, with tools that not only work well but are easy to use. (You edit the audio/video by editing a text file.) So many media editing tools are not designed for average users in mind, but really, given the popularity of user-generated content, more could be.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

BBVA says that it is shutting down banking app Simple, will transfer users to BBVA USA by @ingridlunden

Updated btw w BBVA statement. This has to do with the PNC merger.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Quantum Metric raises $200M, now valued at over $1B, for its digital product design platform by @ingridlunden

Part DevOps, part marketing tech, Quantum Metric is seizing a current market opportunity, where (due to Covid) 10% of transactions online have flipped to only 10% in person in many cases, says the CEO. tip @Techmeme

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Quoted @SadiqKhan

This is incredibly disappointing. Pioneered in London, Everyone In has saved lives and helped people get their lives back on track.

The Government must do the right thing and protect rough sleepers from the cold and Covid during this winter lockdown.

I've always been proud to live in a city that has programmes like this. Couldn't agree more with our Mayor. We cannot lose compassion, especially right now.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Veo raises $25M for AI-based cameras that record and analyze football and other team sports by @ingridlunden

Really like this idea + the focus on the long tail. So much opportunity here. Leveraging computer vision and the effect of Moore's Law on hardware, Veo is doing smart things, taking what has been the domain of elite sport something within reach of even the smallest club.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Atlanta's SalesLoft raises $100M for its digital sales platform, now valued at $1.1B by @ingridlunden

Notable example of an enterprise startup born and bred outside of the Valley (in Georgia no less, timely focus) doing an excellent job scaling, leaning on trends precipitated by the pandemic.

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Thank you for all the really nice and supportive responses. Back to working -- or at least trying to -- but really, avoid this thing at all costs if you can. :-/

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Oxbotica raises $47M to deploy its autonomous vehicle software in industrial applications by @ingridlunden

Autonomous software maker Oxbotica has been a key name in several high profile UK self-driving car efforts, but with this round it's taking a turn, to industrial applications. (Lower-hanging fruit while the other trees take longer to grow, you might say.) tip @Techmeme

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Absolutely shit year ending with my family (including me) getting COVID, but really liked that drone and light show London put on. That’s 2020 in a nutshell. Hell punctuated with small mercies and miracles.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

AI chipmaker Graphcore raises $222M at a $2.77B valuation and puts an IPO in its sights by @ingridlunden

Good to see that even in the outsized, rapidly consolidating world of chips there remains space for new approaches from upstarts. Tip @Techmeme

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Really pleased we've gotten this sorted out.

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Co-working Friday with Pepper and Magic

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