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Singer-songwriter. Girl behind @thisnashlife podcast. Host of The Kelleigh Bannen Show & #TodaysCountry on @applemusic

Nashville, TN

Joined on 23 October, 2008

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Here’s the @WillieJones song we played this morning on the show. 🔥 #AmericanDream

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Favorite “left turns” from artists? Could be album, song, collab...
Ex @ladygaga #Joanne?

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Best news of the week. @kelleighbannen 🙌🧡

Rooting for you AFC Richmond! ⚽️🥰

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Replying to @lucybluofficial: GIRL PREACH.

You’re allowed to not like something. And as artists we’re allowed to not give a shit 🤣✌️

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I’m not gonna quote tweet, but I really don’t understand why people come at artists w/ “I hate your song, why is it always playing”

If someone is holding you against ur will, but you still have your phone, maybe call the 👮‍♂️?

Otherwise, change the music baby! It’s easy!😘


You’re allowed to not like something. And as artists we’re allowed to not give a shit 🤣✌️

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I haven’t released any music as an artist since 2007. I wrote a song by myself yesterday and want to record and release it soon. I guess this is 2021?

Waiting by the streaming service like

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does anyone else hate dresses or sleeping in shorts because they feel weird if their legs are touching or is that legitimately just me

My legs need isolation

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Latest #TodaysCountry Radio is live at 8am CT:
💖 Cover Star @TenilleArts + new music from @blakeshelton and @haileywhitters. @AppleMusic

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Here's the “debut singles” playlist I’ve been talking about. From my @applemusic library to yours. 👯‍♀️

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New overnight from @devindawson & music from a new duo @finmarmusic (ya gotta hear it)‼️ 7am CT @AppleMusic

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Saw someone post this and I immediately thought about "Your Favorite Colors" by @kelleighbannen. The sadness of the song sneaks up on me every time! 😭

Note to self...scour old SATC episodes for song ideas.

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@kelleighbannen Have you ever missed the post on your own song? 🤔

Odds are good

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Good to hear ⁦@kelleighbannen⁩ on the Kelleigh Bannen Show on  Music Country.

Sometimes I sneak my own stuff in there 🧐

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@IngridAndress⁩ ⁦@carlypearce⁩ ⁦@MarenMorris⁩ ⁦@BrittNicx⁩ ⁦@carterxfaith⁩ ⁦@KelseaBallerini⁩ ⁦@halsey⁩ ⁦@taylorswift13⁩ 💜

I LOVED yesterday’s playlist. Hope you did too. 😘😘

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Smashing streaming records and the album hasn’t even been out a week. @MorganWallen on “Sand In My Boots” and the double album #Dangerous on the latest episode of #TodaysCountry radio. Linked in my bio. Thx for the chat Morgan. Xx

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Thanks for the Quaran-Time @CountryAircheck ❤️

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@kelleighbannen @DierksBentley @BrooksAndDunn @carlypearce "Let's Go There" - @brothersosborne
"How 'Bout You" - @ericchurch
"Tim McGraw" - @taylorswift13
"My Church" - @MarenMorris

Wait. I forgot about “Let’s Go There.”
Was “Rum” the second single? @brothersosborne?

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.@MorganWallen leads #TodaysCountry with #WastedOnYou.

Hear the track & interview with @kelleighbannen:

This👏🏼 album 👏🏼 couldn’t 👏🏼 get👏🏼 any👏🏼bigger.

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