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Nile Rodgers

Music Producer, Composer, Guitarist & founding member of @CHICorg

Chief Creative Advisor @AbbeyRoadStudios
Chairman, @SongwritersHOF
Founder @WeAreFamilyFdtn

New York, NY

Joined on 3 February, 2009

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And TODAY's anthem on @BBCradio1 #DanceWeekend is "Everybody Dance" by @CedricGervais @soundofFranklin featuring yours truly... @NileRodgers!

@thechicorganization @charliehedgesdj

LISTEN on @bbcsounds:

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ICYMI: You can listen again now to my conversation with @PaulMcCartney on #DeepHiddenMeaning
We talk about writing @TheBeatles, Wings, and solo songs.

Open @applemusic, tap Radio, and hit Apple Music Hits to listen live!

Subscribers can listen anytime:

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I’m talking with @PaulMcCartney right now on #DeepHiddenMeaning. Open @applemusic, tap Radio, and hit Apple Music 1 to listen live!

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Listen now to #DeepHiddenMeaning on @AppleMusic with my guest @PaulMcCartney. It was an honor to talk songwriting with the man whose music changed my life.

Sir Paul talks in depth about writing A Day In The Life, Jet and more.

Do not miss this one!

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A new episode of my show #DeepHiddenMeaning coming soon to @AppleMusic with a very special guest. Any ideas?

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My #mom #rip in our 1st picture together. She was just 14. Thanks everyone for the love you’ve shown me during my period of grief. I’m so grateful

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I sang to my mom #RIP for three days before she #passedaway. I #mourn everyone who’s lost someone dear. My heart is #broken.

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My mom #BeverlyGoodman #RIP passed away around 6am today. I breathed some of my 1st breaths with her and she breathed some of her last with me. My brothers and I will contact everyone soon. Today I’m numb.

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The saddest part of this #COVID holiday is not being able to visit my #mom. She’s always happy and entertaining even w late stage #Alzheimer’s. I’ve learned to redirect or not, so she’s never uncomfortable with her memory loss. This was 2 years ago and she’s still sharp today

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Photo taken last week by the VLT (very large telescope) #Paranal #Chile. #jupitureandsaturn A dear friend works there and sent it to me. Our amazing #universe

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Thanks to @thecodacampaign for getting the word out about the upcoming Georgia #runoffs, and this music video is great too - "You Get What You Give!"

Only 15 days left until Jan 5 runoff and early voting ends Dec 31.

#SpreadTheWord #ShareThisPost

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Replying to @thecodacampaign: Voting is a beautiful thing & we wanted to make a special love letter to all the people who voted, especially those co…

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#Alexa, play #EverybodyDance by #CedricGervais, #FRANKLIN & #NileRodgers!


@CedricGervais @soundofFRANKLIN @NileRodgers @AmazonMusic @AmazonMusicUK

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Voting is a beautiful thing & we wanted to make a special love letter to all the people who voted, especially those coming out in Georgia for the run off. Set to the iconic song from New Radicals 'You Get What You Give' we hope this inspires everyone to keep the votes coming!

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#TheChristmasSong w @RebeccaFMusic played on my 1941 #DAngelico #guitar to put you in a jazzy relaxed spirit. I used to play this style of music on many gigs when I was younger w @sesamestreet

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Catch me live right now w @nicfanciulli on #iglive:

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Wow, what an evening it was! Thank you to everybody who watched & donated so far, and to all who organized & performed for @nordoffrobbins' #SingForNordoffRobbins.

Check out the full concert on-demand NOW - donations are still open at

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The #ILoveLive campaign gives fans the chance to win money-can’t-buy prizes from their favorite artists, while supporting the people that make our live shows happen!

Follow the link to support and for a chance to win one of my own guitars:

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At our #sociallydistant rehearsal for #NYE we mashed #everbodydance @cedricgervais @soundofFranklin into the @chicorg original #live. It was #funky #disco and #fun.

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The stars come out to sing at Christmas! Come join me as I host and bring my friends to perform for an amazing cause, @nordoffrobbins #musicTherapy.


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