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U.S. Senator from Georgia.

Georgia, USA (he/him)

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Today, as I was sworn in, I held in my jacket pocket copies of the ships’ manifests recorded at Ellis Island when my Great Grandfather Israel arrived in 1911 and my Great Grandmother Annie arrived in 1913.

A century later, their great grandson was elected to the U.S. Senate.

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Georgia is in the building

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Thank you to the ⁦@NationalGuard⁩ for protecting the peaceful transfer of power today.

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Going live on IG right now.

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Now representing Georgia 💪

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Change has come to Georgia.

Change is coming to America.

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The fog is lifting.

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Change is coming.

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The fog is lifting.

We will build a world defined by compassion, freedom, health, and opportunity for all — founded on love for each other and rooted in our common humanity — a world where our commitment to human rights is too strong to be broken by greed, cruelty, and hate.

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The Beloved Community is not a utopia, nor is it a place without tension or dispute.

It is a realistic and necessary ambition. It is our destination.


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Poverty, violence, and racism are not necessary or inevitable.

Humanity can overcome them within a generation, and realize Dr. King’s dream of the Beloved Community.

Feel it, know it, believe it, work for it.


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Better days are coming.

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The future is bright. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for this victory.

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We don't have to accept that poverty or racism or violence are inevitable or necessary.

We can dream about higher and higher heights.

We can dream about –– and build –– the Beloved Community that King and Lewis urged us to strive for.

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Even though the man who incited that insurrectionist attack on the U.S. Capitol will soon be out of office, we have hard work to do to repair our struggling democracy, heal our wounds, & establish politics based on love for each other rather than fear, hate, and corruption.

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On Wednesday, we all watched the events unfolding in our nation’s capital in horror.

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