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Quoted @SkyyBlue_KC

my problem is i be forgettin ima girl. now its blood in my ethikas🌚

gimme yo goddamn phone child

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i need that shower though! wash days would be amazinggg

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kylie said “imma need for yall to stfu”

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like being the number one draft pick is cute but the team that gets you is gonna suck unless you get traded??? BYE

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i just learned how the draft works and my feelings are hurt. its only fair for the teams n not the players :/

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i come back to twitter & Spelman is getting bashed ? what in the world happened.

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Replying to @BrooklynnMulli1: Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris fist bumping. A MOMENT.

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it might be unhealthy how much i enjoy it tbh. maybe i’ll get there later with football, gimme a few months

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can we talk about how much i enjoy college basketball.... i am obsessed.

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Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris fist bumping. A MOMENT.

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when did everyone get into a relationship ? were we not in the same perpendicular?

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Quoted @jayysachi

only “foreign” i want is a car. my wife gone be black as hell

there are indeed foreign black women but yes i know exactly what you mean king🥂 me too

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i finally did what i have been putting off for the past week :) and now i shall celebrate

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Quoted @kaykizzi

Bout to decorate my own room for V day then act surprised 🤝🙏🏾

then post pictures on the gram to leave everybody shook

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im free February 14th if anyone wanted to do anything february 14th we can definitely do something on february 14th if you have nothing planned on february 14th

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yall still follow known rapist, racist, colorist, & homophobic people in 2021. yall are truly the weakest links & im embarrassed for yall.

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its the way i was contemplating every decision i’ve ever made.

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why am i scared.

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i hate when my computer dies on me, because now ion even wanna do it no more

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let me be your icy girl❄️

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