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Perspective: There is little normalcy to be found this fall, but college basketball is still college basketball

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Supreme Court sides with N.Y. religious organizations that said they were illegally targeted by governor’s coronavirus restrictions

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Opinion: Divided government is a path to disaster. Why won’t voters admit it?

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President-elect Joe Biden posed in his vintage Corvette. But he promises a big push for electric vehicles.

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Amazon Web Services outage hobbles businesses

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Opinion: Americans revive spirit of first Thanksgiving by carrying disease to new areas

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Perspective: "The Queen’s Gambit," a period drama that erases sexism from 1960, is the best fantasy show of the year

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Opinion: Give justice a seat at our tables of gratitude

 134  9  19

Opinion: How Democrats should exploit Trump’s continued effort to hold the GOP hostage

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California wildfire threat looms for Thanksgiving as Santa Ana winds kick in

 130  29  44

Joe Biden calls for shared sacrifice to fight the pandemic as Trump rails about baseless election accusations

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GOP effort to invalidate more than 2.5 million votes in Pennsylvania dealt another setback

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Opinion: We can’t save this Thanksgiving

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Trump, Carson tout covid-19 treatments as lifesavers. But regular people find them harder to get.

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Stormy, wintry weather pattern may set up over eastern U.S. next week

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Diego Maradona was brilliant. And flawed. And fearless. And complex. And spectacular.

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Diego Maradona, mesmerizing soccer star and Argentine legend, dies at 60

 231  12  42

Diego Maradona became a global celebrity as a soccer player. But the world remembers him as more.

 239  17  43

Biden wants to re-thaw relations with Cuba. He'll have to navigate Florida politics.

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If you could describe 2020 in one word or phrase, what would it be? Tell The Post by filling out this form, and we'll publish the publishable ones.

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